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Welcome to Ludus House MMA Student Portal

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Hi team,

Welcome to the Ludus House MMA Student Portal.

We have built this website for all our active members to provide you access to the following benefits:

- News

Never miss news, events, special dates and announcements!

- Video Channels from Beginners to Advanced videos

(hang in there we are going to start recording soon)

- Online Shop

- Automatic Monthly payments (Credit Card Required)

A great feature of the website is the automatic payment of student fees, for this you will need to provide us your credit card details on our secure portal and select one of the membership plans.

If you need to cancel your monthly membership you can do it your self once logged in to the portal which leaves you in control of your account.

Please note that if your membership is cancelled your Student portal account will be disabled until you wish to continue your membership.

Any questions please let me know, I am happy to clarify

Happy Training Osss

LUDUS HOUSE MMA - Team Communication
Download PDF • 946KB

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