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Welcome to Ludus House MMA,

It is often said among BJJ practitioners that 

"A Black belt is a white belt who never gave up"
Whether your goal is to :
- Challenge your self
- Improve your fitness,
- Begin your martial art journey
- Learn self defense
Our Beginners course is a great start with absolutely no previous experience required!
The Beginners course runs for 6 weeks x times a week, as part of the program you will be provided with a BJJ GI (uniform) which is yours to keep.
In this program you will learn and improve :
- Fitness
- BJJ ethics 
- Drills
- Basic Techniques
At the end of the Beginners Course you will be confident and ready to join our Fundamentals Class to continue your journey. 
We are happy that you have taken the time and commitment to search for a Beginners Course in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  (BJJ) in NT.
We also would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to visit us or contact us  if you have any questions...
Don't just join a club, Join a culture which will change your life for ever..
Join us and begin your journey today!
Grant Nolan
Head Coach - Ludus House MMA
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